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     Why hire Undefeated? Their accolades are down below. Undefeated brings an alive, energetic show - suiting all ages (literally). The greatest feedback is “You gotta see ‘em live!”. 

    Heavy-sounding drums, a wide range of vocals, rolling bass lines - Undefeated knows how to rock. Never boring, they move from punk to metal, to a rock ballad - and have recently added pop! 

    They put on a kicker rock show, but also know how to slow it down for a killer acoustic performance. Christian plays the Cajón (Box Drum) which draws attention. They provide their own acoustic sound. 


    Andddd… they’re easy to work with! Try it! :) 


     "So, let me put it this way. Every once in awhile in the world of music, there is a "Perfect Storm" of a band that changes the musical landscape. UNDEFEATED is a storm brewing with all the right conditions. It is rare that such a young band not only has the musical punch and flash in performance and whirl wind of ideas - but also has the organizational skills, focus and dedication to be  "A Perfect Storm!" " 

                                                                                       Rick Andrews 

                                                                    DJ on MSM Radio - Metal Sharpens Metal 


      "It doesn't come as a surprise that a band with this amount of raw talent and dedication is turning heads and making an impact everywhere they go. And go they have!" 

                                                                                     Anthony Hirsch

                                                                                 Fifth Dimension Studios

     "Since being in a band myself at the beginning of my radio career, I've made it a point to try to champion local bands that have the hunger, drive and passion to be the core of our format tomorrow. It's a hard biz to break. But if there's a band that exceeds all of those requirements, it's Undefeated. This band has grown so much since the first time I saw them perform. Their talent, their song craft, their connection to fans. They get it. And they've got IT. Can't wait to see what come's next. Sign me up as a super fan! 


                                                                                            DJ on 94 Rock 

Undefeated has: 


    * traveled / performed throughout the Eastern / Central United States / Canada for 6 years 


    * Currently set to play Exodo Fest in Mexico (yes, MEXICO!) 


    * First month-long tour August 2022


    * Second tour summer of ’23, bringing western and southern states under their belt 


    * Been a part of the Kids Rock for Kids international shows (featured on THE KELLY CLARKSON SHOW)


    * Original songs are topping 60,000 total views on YouTube 

    * Has shared the stage with: 

        - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 

        - Palisades 

        - Ronnie Monroe (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) 

        - Michael Sweet (Stryper) 

        - Letdown 

        - Seventh Day Slumber 

        - The Letter Black 

        - Decyfer Down

    * Played multiple music festivals including: 

        - Creation Fest (PA)

        - Kingdom Come Festival (IN) 

        - River Rock Festival (ME) 

        - Break the Chains (PA) 

        - Northcountry Music Fest (NY) (direct support for


        - Brew Fest (NY) 

        - Audiofeed (IL)

        - Chains Unchained (MO) 

        - Soulfest (NH) (direct support for headliner) 

        - Cream Cheese Festival (NY) 


    * Won multiple awards including: 

       - Best New Rock Band 2020 (Kindred - NJ) 

        - Rock Band of Year 2022 (Kindred - NJ) 

        - Best Rock Band 2022 (WVIU Awards - AL) 

        - Battle of the Bands 2019 (Syracuse NY) 



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Tel: 315-376-6336

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