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Origin:  Lewis County, NY


Genres:  Rock, Metal


Years Active:  2017-Present


Label:  You?

    Sister-brother duo, Meredith and Christian, have played under the Undefeated banner for the past 4 years. After splitting with their former bassist, they added their younger sister Lis, to round out the now family band. 

    Listen, no one wants to read a long bio of a band they don’t really have a connection to, so that’s the basic history. You can click on the “About” tab if you want an in-depth look at our gorgeous personalities.  Our accolades are down below if you are curious about that sort of thing. 


    So, what’s different about us? 

    Almost nothing, to be honest. We’re trying to get our music heard just like everyone else. But here’s what sets us apart. 


    We work. We’ve directed, filmed, and edited all 5 of our music videos in the past 3 years that we’ve been putting out music. Growing our writing skills to include press releases, and well, this website! And, Meredith is only 19! It’s only up from here. 


    Perseverance. Overcoming rejection and side stepping other’s agendas is not new to the music industry; but we did not expect to be learning those lessons at the age of 13. We’ve turned our back on “popularity” contests and people who gain by putting others down. We know that we don't have to do that to move forward. 

    Why hire us? We bring an alive, energetic show. Our greatest feedback is “You gotta see ‘em live!”. Heavy drums, Paramore-esque vocals, we can rock. Never boring, we move from punk to metal, to a rock ballad - drawing the next generation. Andddd… we’re easy to work with. Try us! :) 



As You Are
    Undefeated has traveled and performed throughout the Eastern and Central United States for 5 years, completing their first month-long tour in August of 2022.     They hit the road again in 2024, bringing the western and southern states under their belt. 
   This under-21 band has won multiple awards, been a part of the Kids Rock for Kids International shows (featured on THE KELLY CLARKSON SHOW), local Anti-Violence concert series, Hope for Worcester in MA, and MULTIPLE music festivals (Creation Fest, PA - Kingdom Come Festival, IN - Soulfest, NH - River Rock Festival, ME - Cream Cheese Festival, NY - Northcountry Music Festival, NY - Chains Unchained Fest, MO - AudioFeed , IL - Brew York, NY). Undefeated was direct support for the last three headliners of Northcountry Music Festivals (Brother’s McClurg, Seventh Day Slumber, Ignescent) and direct support for War of Ages on Soulfest’s metal stage. 
   Undefeated’s original rock songs are topping 60,000 total views on Youtube. 



Tel: 315-376-6336

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